Windows Phone Scam and Behind the Scenes with the HTC Incredible S

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Daniel Hundt, responsible for the new skin-tight HTC Incrdedible S smart phone against a blow-up of Alexander Graham Bell’s first electrical voice device.

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I was in Vancouver recently, at an HTC Canadian tour on the evolution, usage and design of phones. It not only featured the latest HTC phones but included an interesting display of historical phones burrowed from The Telecommunications Museum currently displaying at the Pearson Electrotechnology Centre in Lachine Quebec.

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Among old rotary phones from the 1930’s right up to today’s cellphones, there was an intriguing blow-up planning sketch by Alexander Graham Bell on his first electrical calling device.

I met Daniel Hundt, Creative Director at One & Co. a wholly owned subsidiary of HTC. He shared some inside thoughts on how today’s smart phones get their unique functionality and looks.

“We are aware of the technology that goes in a phone, but every time you start a new project, you want to pull yourself away from all those constraints” he said, emphasizing the importance of pushing the limits with engineers and material vendours to design cool new phones.

“If you don’t do that, you will get the same phone design over and over again,” he said.

He used the new HTC Incredible Smartphone S, with HTC Sense, smart phone, available at Virgin Mobile Canada, as an example of innovative design. “We packed the electronics of this phone as tightly as we could and then used the concept of dipping it into paint, resulting in a skin-tight fit,” said Hundt, responsible for the Incredible S design. BTW, HTC Sense is HTC’s overlay looks on top of the Android OS, for getting around the phone’s features easier.

If you pick one up, you will notice the ridge on the back of the phone making it easy to hold on to, thus the concept of paint dipping.

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Hey folks, just a “beware” note on a recent rise in Canada of scam phone calls offering to fix your Windows PC.

It starts with a person with a foreign accent calling you at home, saying he is from the Microsoft support team and that your computer has been monitored as acting suspiciously and it’s likely infected.


This is a scam tactic, not from Microsoft, but from folks who want to get access to your computer, supposedly checking it online and trying to sell you software charged to your credit card. I went through the motions, on purpose – don’t try this at home – and they had me run commands on my Windows PC to get information past my firewall with an advance notice they would fix my PC for a price.

So you know…Microsoft does not call people out of the blue, for nothing, unless you have instigated a help call to them.

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