What’s Up With This Wind?

23/05/2019 Posted by admin

In my first blog I mentioned how important it was to get outside on the bike and not just rely on a stationary workout, so what do I do? I work out on the stationary bike all week. It was my intention to get up on the saddle but I just couldn’t fathom navigating those roads with 70 km/h gusts in my face. When I woke up yesterday morning I decided that wind or no wind I was going to ride outside, but instead of cruising the highways and byways I decided that the trails in the river valley would offer some sort of shelter. Obviously there were a few other cyclists who had the same thing in mind as the trails were quite busy for early on a Saturday morning. I entered the trail system at 142 St. and pedalled out to Rundle park and back struggling up hills like the one approaching McNally High School and the incline on the east side of the Capilano bridge. Speaking of Rundle Park, what happened to the pond? It’s completely dry. They must have drained it for one reason or another. 

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On thing that stood out was how grumpy cyclists are. I always try to make a point of waving or nodding at my fellow bikers but yesterday I was lucky to get a smile. Come on guys let’s try not to be so serious. Maybe it was the wind. Then again maybe I’m not concentrating enough. I better take this cycling thing to heart.  

This morning I found myself back at the Y on the stationary bike once again going nowhere. If you haven’t made a decision on what type of tires to use on the tour then check out my latest video clip. 

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