What’s next for Egypt?

10/08/2018 Posted by admin

by Barry Acton

Seems that the will and resolve of the people have outlasted the will of the military to follow their former leader and end this demonstration with violence and weaponry. I will confess not to being an expert in Middle East politics as my assignment is Asia. (Not that I’m an expert in Asia – I’ve just covered it for two years, so I at least have the experience of the culture and understanding of working in area.)

The people’s voice was finally heard, and the unwillingness of a military to fire on its people is what ended this. This of course is just my opinion, limited as it were.

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There is something infectious about the joy and utter euphoria of the people as witnessed on the night of February 11. The tears for the people that gave their lives in the violence, the tears for the great expatiations that the people have for their freedoms, all of these are things that make one pause and thing about what we, in North America, have.

The freedom to criticize, to speak out, and to vote, these are the simple things we take for granted and these are the things that the Egyptian people want. I just hope they aren’t left disappointed by the change. The vice-president is from the same stripe as the outgoing regime. Will the emergency rule end? Will the SSI end its imprisonment and torture of its own people? I don’t know.

The other thing I wonder is where did the thugs disappear too? The pro-Mubarak demonstrators vanished as quickly as they appeared. There are many questions that need answers, but unfortunately we the media will be long gone when they start to be asked.

I just hope the people in the square, the ones who welcomed us and thanked us for coming and showing the world what we could of Egypt, aren’t disappointed and are able to achieve the things that we have.

Barry is Global National’s photojournalist, based in Beijing.He is currentlycovering the unfolding situation in Egypt. You can follow Barry on Twitter: @BActonGlobal.

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