We Are Not in Oklahoma Anymore…

23/03/2019 Posted by admin

We left Alva, OK this morning with thought that we would see a tornado and we did. What I learned today is that quick decisions in storm chasing are imperative. If you wait to long you will miss something for sure.

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We knew that the best play for us today would be Kansas, so we made our way north to Pratt, KS by about noon. We saw this cute little motel that looked like it would have a wifi connection that we could use to look at the models and data a lot quicker than our rocket stick in the truck. Once we got there we met this lovely elderly lady who talked to us about local storms, warning systems and how they prepare the hotel guests for storms. They all go into a banquet hall where there are no windows. While there, we met a great team of storm chasers from North Carolina, one guy works for the National Weather Service. We compared surface maps and decided to track north to catch a few storms that were starting to take shape. We saw some impressive cloud heights on the way and it looked like it could possibly rotate, but as we went north where we though the storms would have the most available energy they simply did not get going. We changed our path to the east hoping to intercept something from the north, no go on that one either. It kinda fell apart on the radar, not enough shear for it to rotate. Weak reflectivity as well. The next cell that we decided to chase happened really quickly…it grew rapidly and started to show three areas of shear and we were really fascinated with a large rotating wall cloud in Minneapolis. This is the cell that dropped a tornado in front of us. I was not scared, I was in awe.

Tomorrow has a 30% chance of storms developing into eastern Kansao, Missouri and into Arkansas area. We will be tracking them.

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