Was it Hail or was it Ice Pellets?

10/08/2018 Posted by admin

They wereice pellets that you saw falling from the sky today at around 5:30 pm. A friend of mine by the name of Jay Stone from Z99 FM here in Regina, said he “had to look twice to see if it was styrofoam falling from the sky!!” I myself did not see it in action as I was prepping for my 6pm News here at Global Regina. I did have a viewerhelpout bysending me a great photoof the ice pellets on theground. Thanks to Notanee Bourassa for sending in the great shot I’m using on the 10 pm news.

So how do you know ifwhat is falling from the sky ishailor ice pellets?

Firstly take into account what type of cloud cover is in your area. If you are seeing dense rain clouds abovethen it is probably just some moisture moving in the area and mayhavea freezing layer that rain passes through before hitting the ground as a raindrop, instead hits the ground in frozen form. A hail stone has repeated trips up and down in a thunderstorm cloudand gets a new coating of rain as it falls and rises in the storm’s updraft getting several coatings making it potentially bigger and bigger. Then there is sleet… a partially melted snowflake that is refrozen after falling through a layer of warm air.

For more info about different precipitation types check out this website. This is Jeff Haby’s site, who is one of my professors at Mississippi State University with their Broadcast Meteorology program.


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