Vernon Winter Carnival

10/08/2018 Posted by admin

I love carnivals.

I love the games, the food, the entertainment. It’s just a big ball of fun! So imagine how excited I was when I found out I was going to cover the Vernon Winter Carnival this past weekend. A whole day of checking out games, visiting different events, enjoying a parade? Yeah, I can do that.

First off, the parade! It was really fun to watch all the different floats go by. Some groups were so creative with their costumes and decorations! Here are a couple snapshots of the parade:

Kal Tire had a course for kids to go-kart. The snow didn’t even deter them, the line was so long! It had been many years since I went go-karting and the staff there were kind enough to let me take a spin with my cameraman!

The kids’ carnival at the Boys and Girls Club had lots of things to offer: a bouncy castle, animal balloons, hockey and bowling, face painting…oh to be a kid again…

There was even a hot air balloon contest above Swan Lake. Pilots had to launch off the side of the lake and either grab a flag off a pole or drop a beanbag close to the large X marked on the ice. It was my first time being close to a hot air balloon. I was in complete awe of them while I was out there on the lake, watching them land gracefully on the ice.

And what would a carnival be without some animals? There was a pigeon competition as dozens of feathery friends battled it out for the title of the carnival’s most beautiful pigeon.

And for the brave at heart, there was the chance to eat some creepy crawly critters at the Okanagan Science Centre. Kids braver than myself devoured chocolate covered crickets and deep fried scorpions. I think I’ll stick to more normal carnival snacks like popcorn and hot dogs.


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