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In today’s Global TV Morning News with co-host Mike Sobel, I showed and talked about some exotic printers from Lexmark and HP.


Printers have come a long way, but here are two unusual ones that incorporate technologies you won’t find in any other printer. They are both pricey at $399 but they offer different ways of printing at home and small office or from afar.

Lexmark Genesis inside view off special copy camera and stand-alone unit.


Lexmark’s Genesis not only looks different but works different too.

It’s a 4-in-1 multifunction printer (copy, scan, print and fax) but instead of a traditional scanner, it uses a special built-in digital camera (thus its odd size) that scans in less than several seconds. This means no waiting.

It follows Lexmark’s lead of Smart Solutions which load on WiFi N wireless printer from the Internet making it a stand-alone unit that can work with a USB connection to PC or wireless or simply work on its own. Walk up to it and select the app you want to run off the easy-to-use menu on the bright 4.3-inch touch colour screen.

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It can make a quality copy of a photo album print (or group of prints it can recognize) in less than one minute. Or scan a document into a PDF file and save it to a plugged-in USB stick. You can scan business cards or even read and print news, sports and entertainment, directly off the screen. Off-course it has full back and forth functionality with your nearby PC.

Unlike traditional printers, it doesn’t have a feeder but it’s speed – a few seconds – instead of a few minutes, makes up for its simplicity.

Who would use it? Folks who want to save time on a quick turn-around tasks mentioned above. Scanning and sending to an email can also be done from the touch screen. If you have a lot of old album photos, the Genesis will scan and tuck digital copies away, again…in seconds.

The one thing that you still have to wait for, as on all printers, is the print time.

Part of Genesis smarts is giving you a preview of whatever you are scanning instantly before your hand leaves the cover. Impressive and smart technology adding a different sculptured look wherever it stands.

Available at Future Shop.

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Expect to consume more paper with HP’s detachable wireless printer tablet

HP Photosmart eStation

It’s been less tha a year since HP’s slick ePrint technology, let’s you email directly to your HP printer from anywhere. This means you can even forward emails from your smartphones too, with attachments and have them printed on printers, each with a unique and secure email address.

The coolest of several HP ePrint models is the HP Photosmart eStation, a relatively low profile multi function 4-in-1 printer with detachable 7-inch web-browsing tablet. The tablet and the printer are both WiFi meaning you can walk away with the tablet and go online to a slew of dedicated sites for news, sports entertainment, ebooks and more. The special Disney site for example can let you print colouring pages from favourite animated characters from the detached tablet.

The only drawback is that the tablet is limited to specific sites like Yahoo, FaceBook or Snapfish and you can’t surf as in new tablets today like the iPad, Samsung Tab, PlayBook or Mororola Xoom. This means wide support for competitive emails. Still, the durable eStation touchscreen tablet, when attached back to the two-side capable printer, becomes a huge easy-to-use interface for ordinary printing tasks, without the need of a PC, for direct copy tasks.

If you don’t need the tablet feature, HP makes ePrint models starting at $129, handy for printing out emails and correctly formatted Word and PDF attachments, or even pictures, directly from your smartphones.

Available at BestBuy or Staples.

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