There are No Guarantees

10/08/2018 Posted by admin

My latest story in the “Modern Mom” series was on hypnobirthing.  The idea is you can train yourself through meditation to calm your mind and enjoy the most pleasant birthing process possible.  For some women that means they don’t want or need pain medication and hypnobirthing helps them achieve that.  While plenty of moms will roll their eyes at the notion, if you spend any time talking with Marie, the instructor, you will learn that she really just wants you to have the most positive experience possible, whatever road that is.  Movies and tv shows often have expectant mothers screaming at the top of their lungs, giving those who haven’t given birth the impression it is truly terrifying. It doesn’t have to be.  Hypnobirthing makes you realize your body is designed to do this and you can channel your feelings into positivity. 

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From my perspective, their are 6 billion people on this earth and an equal number of labour and delivery stories, so the best laid plan can take a detour.  While you may have hired a doula and planned for a delivery free of an epidural, you could still end up with an emergency c-section.. or like many moms, you could be eager to have medication, only to have your baby come quickly, and there you are pushing without.  The key is to realize it’s your journey and your story and like many things in life, it may not go as you planned, but it’s worth it! 

I had looked forward to calling my husband to tell him “i’m in labour, let’s go to the hospital”, but we were well past our due date and it was the hospital calling us saying “do you want to come in?”  “Yes, please!” I replied.. and off we went to our induction.  Not what I would have chosen, (though I always expected to sign up for that epidural), but I’m just glad our dream finally came into this world.  The next day I remember thinking 2 things, 1 – Glad I don’t have to give birth again today and 2 – that while I hadn’t taken the hypnobirthing class, in interviewing Marie, the hypnobirthing message had really helped me stay calm and positive.   


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