the wave that did not come

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 This is really sad. I debated with myself about writing it because it is not nice and I don’t like things like that.

 On the other hand it gives you, and me, insight into a world we think we know, and then find out we don’t.

  Last Thursday I was at the South Terminal of the airport where the Canucks were landing. I had nothing to do with the sport’s coverage. I was only there to edit that day’s story about the car detailer who liked to help people and I was going to work in one of the mobile editing trucks.

 But was stil exciting to watch about fifty fans on one side of a chain link fence shouting for their team. There were some young Sikhs in the crowd waving flags. They had tied their heads with blue material, making turbans that were the Canuck’s colour.

  There were some girls in Canuck’s jerseys. There were a few cameras poking through the fence. It was a small crowd with lots of yelling, chanting, banner waving and clapping. To get there they had to drive to the furthest back part of the airport, behind the old terminal building and then down a construction road. 

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  The players got off the plane in their private area, walked down the stairs that were wheeled out for them and then they walked to their cars that were parked in a neat row.

  One player, just one, I don’t know who because I was too far away to see his face, but just one player waved to the fans. The rest ignored them. The fans kept shouting and cheering, but mostly to the backs of heads of the players as they got in their cars.

  Then the players pulled out of the restricted area and drove out onto the road with police guarding the way. The fans ran across a field to get near the road. I could not see if any waved from behind their windshields I hoped they did. But they were driving fast.

   The bad thing about telling you is it takes some of the royalness out of the royalty of the players. The good part is the same thing.

  When the parade comes, which it will,  they will wave to the hundreds of thousands who come to watch after they have won four out of seven.. They should have done the same to the 50 who came to see them even though they had just lost two games. That takes true royalty. 


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