The search for a miracle

23/04/2019 Posted by admin

by Francis Silvaggio

No one believed that a 56-year-old woman could survive 49 days in the northern Nevada wilderness, with just scraps of snack food and melted snow.

Miraculously, Rita Chretien did survive and is now making great progress while recovering at St. Luke’s Hospital in Twin Falls, Idaho. That’s why searchers haven’t given up hope that they may also find her husband, Albert Chretien, alive and safe as well.

Albert set off for help three days after his van got stuck on a remote road near the Nevada/Idaho border. Rita stayed behind hoping he would be back soon. Officials say he was heading to Mountain City, Nevada, which is about 16 kilometres away over very harsh terrain.

Albert and Rita Chretien were travelling to Las Vegas when their vehicle got stuck.

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Global News crews went up in a helicopter to take a look at the area and discovered that the path to Mountain City was treacherous, requiring traversing steep canyons and landscapes. What Albert appears to have not known was that although the highway was further away, it could be easily reached by simply following the road. More importantly, Albert didn’t know there was an occupied ranch just fewer than five kilometres away from the van.

Search crews are honing in on the area they believe Albert would have travelled. They’re using the exact same GPS model, hoping it will guide them along the same path. There’s not a lot of shelter from the cold, and even less food to sustain a lost person, but officials say they’ve already witnessed one miracle when Rita was found alive. Maybe, just maybe, another miracle may be waiting in Northern Nevada wilderness.

Francis is Global National’s Alberta correspondent, but currently in Twin Falls, Idaho. Follow him on Twitter: @FJSilvaggio.

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