the outside kids

23/10/2018 Posted by admin

 Thank you Janet for telling me your kids were out in the mud and snow, even in Fort St. John. They are brave kids. And it makes me feel good to know somebody is outside breathing real air, and free of living through some hand sized piece of plastic with buttons on it.  

  But a funny thing. Right after I wrote the blog about never seeing kids outside I ran into a bunch of kids outside, so I did a story about them. The only problem was they were ordered outside by their teacher who was starting a new class to teach kids how to play on grass without computers.

  Your kids were doing it on their own. Bravo.

  And I know, for all the people who are now saying “My kids play outside.”  Yes, I know they do. And bless them. But there was a time before this generation was born, before 24 hour a day video games, when ALL kids played outside. They were thrown out by their mothers.They didn’t want to go in. They played ball or tag and invented games.  They were not overweight. They did not have trouble getting to sleep at night. They talked and laughed, and cried sometimes.

   Now the playgrounds are often empty. I know crime is terrible, but even the back yards are empty. The kids are inside, pushing buttons and not blinking.

   I know I harp on this too much. But thank you Janet, and thank you eveyrone whose kids are outside.

  And no more will I complain about the sidewalks that no longer have hop scotch squares drawns on them.


ps.   some ten year old is now asking, “What’s hop scotch?”


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