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10/08/2018 Posted by admin

by Rosa Hwang

They started appearing a couple of months ago – random Americans, spamming my e-mail, Facebook and Twitter inboxes with political propaganda.

Bruce from Naples, Florida sent me links to websites for the Tea Party – the populist right-wing conservative, libertarian movement in the U.S. Sarah Palin is the group’s unofficial figurehead. Darlene from Topeka, Kansas asked me if I was secretly a patriot disguised as a Canadian. Hayden from Attleboro, Massachusetts asked me to sign a petition to get George W. Bush the Congressional Medal of Honor.

Sorry Hayden, I must decline, but I’m sure they won’t even miss a signature from a no-name Canadian like me.

Truth-be-told, I didn’t dare respond to any of them, but I wondered what triggered these unsolicited messages from internet strangers. It might have remained an unsolvable mystery, until an astute friend noticed something remarkable on a conservative website: my name.

It was on the Sean Hannity fan forum. Hannity, of course, is the conservative commentator on Fox News Channel — the network that also airs The O’Reilly Factor, the most-watched cable news show in America. The show’s controversial host, Bill O’Reilly, famously coined the phrase “no spin zone.”

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My friend sent me the link so I could see it for myself and there it was, in black and white.

“And of course, Rosa Hwang; who wrote the article attributed to in the OP is also a long time supporter of Bush and his many **** ups as her articles at CBC attests to.” (sic)

What? Hold the phone. Rosa Hwang is a long-time supporter of George W. Bush and his many f***ups?

The author of this post invoking my name was apparently responding to another post quoting a blog I wrote for GlobalNational杭州龙凤 earlier this year. The poster took a small portion of what I had written as a verifiable “ah ha!” that Bush rightly predicted the revolution in the Arab World, years before it happened.

While not exactly a scathing rebuke, what I wrote was hardly an apology for Bush’s foreign policy agenda. You can read it here.

Which brings me back to Bruce from Naples, Darlene from Topeka, Hayden from Attleboro, and all those other conservative disciples who have written to me these past couple of months. Sorry to disappoint you, but I am not a burgeoning, Canadian version of Ann Coulter or Michelle Malkin. If you don’t know who those women are, I suggest you Google them. You’ll either be inspired or appalled.

If the original poster to that conservative forum had read my blog to the end, he never would have quoted me. Or maybe he did read all of it, but chose to ignore the salient points.

Moreover, if the other devotees to the forum had read my past articles for the CBC, my previous employer, they’d know I’ve never been a supporter — or a detractor — of the 43rd president. In fact, they might have noticed my most insightful reference to President Bush had more to do with his dog.

Photo by Evan Vucci, The Associated Press.

I once witnessed Barney, his Scottish Terrier, taking a dump on the east lawn of the White House. Not exactly presidential defecation in the figurative sense, but I thought it was worth noting at the time.

So, Bruce, Darlene and Hayden, let this be a cautionary tale. On those forums you frequent — much like the internet — sometimes you need to separate the facts from the poop.

Rosa is a senior producer at Global National, based in Vancouver. Follow her on Twitter: @RosaHwangTV.

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