that old creek

10/08/2018 Posted by admin


  You know this, because I’ve written about it in my last book, and you have the book and read it, right? I hope so because a lot of the profits go to the Variety Club which is good. But also you know there is a test coming and the only way you’ll pass is if you read the book.

  But one story in there is the same that is on the air tonight. The incredible shrinking False Creek.

  You know that God and Nature and the ice age worked together to create this beautiful waterway that ended at a steep hill which was later named Clark Drive.

  But then a new rail road company came into town. It was called the Great Northern RailRoad. It wanted to compete with the CPR, which had sewn up most of the city.  The only route for the Great Northern was up hill and into the water. Trains can’t climb hills, and they don’t float.

  What they did was dig a trench from Renfrew Street to Clark Drive. That’s over a mile of trench and in some places it is 100 feet deep. When they got to the end of the hill they dumped the dirt into False Creek. And they kept dumping it. It was a lot of dirt. So much dirt that they filled in False Creek from Clark Drive to Main Street. That’s a lot of filling. 

    False Creek was cut in half, which is not a good thing for fish or oysters. But basically if you stand at Science World and look to the east you see the hill of Clark Drive on the horizon. That’s how far the water went.

   Then the rail road went bankrupt. They had spent so much on the digging they couldn’t go on railroading. The government took over the company and changed the name to Canadian National. That’s how that rail road came into existance.

   And that’s how come beautiful False Creek got chopped off at the knees before any of us alive got a chance to see it. And right now most of that land they filled in is abandoned. Shame.



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