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You fixed it. All of you. Thank you. All who wrote and told me you are reading, because according to the never-break-down monitoring syster there are three of you, in total.

The system is broke.

There is a small army, and I am so glad to hear from you. Some of you complain I don’t write enough. You are right, and now that I know you are there I will change that.

To Sheree, I posted your comment without the phone number. For the rest of you, she has a ’59 Lincoln that needs some tender care and she can’t afford to give it. She wants the fellow in last week’s story to have it, just to care for it. She is very nice.

Tonight’s story is about the change on Columbia Street in New West. A cameraman and I were driving on it today and he said,,,, I thought it was all lap dancers and bars. But look…. brides. everywhere.

We counted 12 Wedding dress shops in two blocks. How did that happen? They all said they come together because it makes shopping better for those who will be brides, but what it really does is make the street better. There are beaming young women walking the sidewalks in the rain.

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Guys don’t have the same feeling about weddings. For us it means wearing someone else’s suit for a couple of hours, but women idolize the day, and anything that makes women happy makes the day better.

I have no idea what this proves, but romance and cupid canclean up a street betterthan a big mechanical sweeper.

And if you are still reading, yesterdaywas amazing. I was asked todo a series on the history of Vancouver that would start Sunday. I love history. I love Vancouver. I spent all weekend working on it. A new young cameraman and I were out shooting stuff until 3:30 Sunday.I got to the tv station at 4 p.m.

This week? asked the weekend prouducer. No, it’s next week.

Oh, I said?

What do you have for tonight? she asked.

Oh,??? I repeated, but it had a largerquestion mark after it.

The young cameraman was already off on another assignment in the valley. I asked if anyone was downtown.

One cameraman was in Christ Church doing a little taping for a few seconds about prayers for the sadness in Japan.

I asked when it began. …..

4 pm.

I drove downtown, got there at 4:30. You stil have to pay parking meters on Sundays. I found four quarters in my pocket. One quarter for 2 1/2 minutes. I ran across the street, met the cameraman, talked to three people in the back of the church, left, met one of the microwave trucks where we wrote andput thepictures together, and sent it in three minutes before it went on the air.

Hence a story about feeling and caringthat was scheduled for 20 seconds got instead two minutes, which makes me think that it wasn’t a mistake that I got the wrong date for the history series.


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