Strange tale from the campaign trail

10/08/2018 Posted by admin

by Mike Drolet

The staff at the hotel had every reason to be suspicious.

After all, no one had seen anybody walk into the hotel with a full suit of armour made out of tinfoil, much less one emblazoned with the word “robosexual.” So how did it end up in Global National cameraman Jamie Butler’s room?

First, a little on Jamie. He’s one of those guys you immediately like — he’s friendly, good natured and quick with a joke. But maybe the front desk clerk sensed something the rest of the media on Jack Layton’s election plane didn’t, or perhaps he just didn’t trust a man with a goatee. Completely understandable. But I digress, this isn’t a commentary on facial hair (and full disclosure, I once sported a goatee and it was glorious).

For whatever reason, the clerk didn’t believe Jamie at first. He said, “If it’s not yours are you sure nobody is playing a prank on you?” No doubt uncomfortable at this point, he likely was hoping for the former to be true.

Alas, neither guess hit the mark. I had been with Jamie since we got off the plane and unfortunately there was no time for such an elaborate prank to be conceived, much less executed. April Fools is just around the corner and I’m sure Jamie will find a squirrel or some similar animal running around his hotel room (and if he does, I won’t be responsible), but nobody in the media pool had anything to do with the armour.

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So there was Jamie and the clerk in an uncomfortable standoff. Jamie, with his crazy story of armour and robosexuals.

The clerk, a nice Regina boy, unsure of what this big city boy was talking about. The clerk asked that the pictures be emailed to him for an investigation (and a Facebook upload??). I’m not sure if he ever truly believed Jamie, but to our well travelled cameraman, it didn’t matter — he got a room upgrade to a full suite.

And I purposely didn’t give a full explanation as to what a robosexual is. I’ll leave it up to each and every one of you to Google it.

Mike is one of Global National’s correspondents based in Toronto, but currently covering NDP leader Jack Layton’s campaign in Regina. Follow him on Twitter: @MDroletGlobalTV.

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