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Last week we were in St-Hubert.  There we focused on two objectives. The first was to conduct and flat show for some 1500 plus aspiring air cadets. Many of our team members were once air cadets, so this stop was a way to inspire a new generation of cadets to go after their dreams.  Our second objective was to reach out to new groups of people that otherwise wouldn’t see the team perform.  Many of the guys on the team are avid motorcycle riders. I myself raced motocross for years; others participate in mini road racing, the rest ride for recreation.  What better group to target than a group of people who navigate their way through life manipulating machines than motosport fans.  The similarities between how the military uses high horsepower, high energy machines and people who are involved in racing are distinctly familiar. 

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Last weekend Mirabel hosted the first round of the Parts Canada Superbike race.  Since Mirabel is a short hop away from St-Hubert it made sense that we conduct a flypast on the Superbike practice day.  A few phone calls to our Headquarters and several e-mails to the organizers and it was a go.  We carried out both objectives in one mission.  We landed and met with the wide eyed, grinning cadets . The next day we were invited out to the ICAR race track to watch the races.  We were treated with open arms and the feedback from the racers and the fans exceeded our expectations.  Funny enough I ran into some old friends from my racing days in Saskatchewan.  They were the McCormick family, Grant, Michelle, and their son Brett.  Brett as it turns out is BMW Canada’s top rider and a contender to the Superbike title.  We ended up spending the day sharing stories and watching some exciting racing that had us on the edge of our seats.  Overall, I can’t say enough about how great of a combination it was to have the Snowbirds be a part of the motosport scene.  Perhaps we’ll see more of this combination in the future?

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