Shark attack survivor’s strength & courage

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by Christina Stevens

It’s hard to even imagine. You are on vacation at the beach and you wade into the water to rinse off some sand.

Suddenly, there is a bump.

Then another.

Then there is a bite.

A shark is attacking you.

An Orangeville, Ontario woman survived such an attack by fighting back, and she’s taking the life changing event as a positive. Talk about strength of body and mind.

On January 31, Nicole Moore, 38, was in Cancun. It was a girls trip to celebrate a friend’s birthday. She was in the water. It was just waist deep, when she felt that bump, then a bite.

“It was a sensation that I will never forget, but I knew immediately what had happened,” she told a group of reporters today, “I remember the water filling with my own blood. It was a sea of red and my first thought oddly enough was ‘I have to get out of this water because sharks love blood and they are going to keep coming back.'”

Moore says she tried to head for shore, but the horror wasn’t over yet. The shark bit her left arm. Her hand was in its mouth. She had the presence of mind to push its head with her right hand, and managed to pull her arm free.

“I kept on moving forward thinking of my family and children. I did not feel any pain, just in total fight or fight response, I kept heading to shore.”

She spent six days in a Cancun hospital before being flown to Sunnybrook Hospital in Toronto, where she has undergone several surgeries. Her left arm had to be amputated and her left leg reconstructed.

Nicole Moore

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Despite all of that, Moore’s outlook is sunny, and that is what she has been sharing with the world on her blog. She is looking at the entire experience as a start on a new life, saying she knows she has lost some things, but that she will also gain some.

It is an incredible outlook from someone who has been through so much.

Suddenly. it felt like instead of reporting on an “horrific’ event, I was seeing a special journey, one I, and so many others, can learn from. You have to ask yourself, “Would you have such a positive response to such a life altering event? Could you look at the pain and loss of limb as a learning experience?” Moore has taken this whole thing and owned it. I’m not sure I could, so I can’t help but admire her.

Talk about strength of body and mind.

Christina is one of Global National’s correspondents based in Toronto. Follow her on Twitter: @StevensGlobal.

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