Sensational Kansas Supercell.

23/03/2019 Posted by admin

A great day 5 of our chase. We started out in Salina, KS bright and early and met at the continental breakfast area at our Day’s Inn. We talked with the team that we’ve been chasing with from Raleigh NC about the models and we all came up fairly empty handed. Due to the storms yesterday the atmosphere was very disorganized and really had no parameters that we needed to create a strong cells. Our primary focus (and our only real hope) would be that storms develop along the dry line (an area that separates moist from dry air) that can sometimes act like a mini cold front. It can add as a lifting mechanism in the atmosphere. This, is precisely what happened. We made it as far west as Pratt, KS and on the way stopped to shoot a very photogenic supercell. We did that for a about 20 mins before it started to move towards us, so we dipped south and intercepted another storm that was rotating before our eyes…Greg shot this on a time lapse to showcase it’s movement.

We stopped at a Holiday Inn Express to see if they would mind us borrowing their internet wi-fi connection to shoot a LIVE skype interview with Global Regina’s Evening news. It was so nice to talk to the team all the way from Kansas! During the interview we encountered hail, wind and a ton of lightning that we ended up shooting for nearly two hours right til dark. I did an update with Global Regina for the 10 pm news with a very charged night sky behind me.

Tomorrow is Missouri…targeting Joplin to start the day off

Oh, did I mention we met the cutest puppy on the face of the earth today? Check out these photos:)


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