Samsung New Series 9 Laptops Take Aim at Apple’s MacBook Air

23/07/2019 Posted by admin

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The new 13.3-inch Series 9 laptop from Samsung Electronics Canada could easily be mistaken for a thin book. It’s being promoted as a competitor to Apple’s 13-inch MacBook Air (lighter and 2mm thinner at the thickest part) and although it outperforms the Air, it does not outscore it on all points.

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On the plus side, the series 9 is a drop-dead gorgeous laptop for those wanting lightweight yet fast performance. It has Intel 2nd Generation Technology i5 Mobile Processors that can automatically purr at 1.4 GHz or outperform most desktops at 2.3 GHz on turbo mode. This includes Intel’s much improved HD graphics which easily handle any size HD videos on the bright LED-backlit SuperBright Plus display, which is smartly very usable when closed towards you in a tight airplane seat.

It starts at $1,699.99 with a 128 GB solid state drive and 4 GB RAM the Series 9 comes with Windows 7 Home premium (64 bit) while a top-end model has a 256 GB SSD drive, 8 GB RAM and Windows 7 Professional (64 bit).

Here’s what makes the Series 9 stand out with Samsung innovations:

-The lightweight body is made from Duralumin, twice the strength of aluminum making it a tough travel companion with a battery life of about six hours.

-It is WiMax (next generation faster WiFi) capable and has excellent sound which includes a built-in woofer. It also supports 10-times faster USB 3.0.

-Battery charge settings like longer: Battery Life Extender Mode” and “Express Charging Mode”.

-A keyboard shortcut for an effective Samsung Support Center, including web chat, for troubleshooting as well as system backup and recovery on the laptop, network or USB stick. The drive is split into two parts for storing new files away from the operating system.

– Peripheral connections or hidden on either side in drop-down access covers. Get used to Micro SD cards cause that’s what Samsung is pushing on its newer digital cameras as well as smart phones.

-Adjustable keyboard backlighting and Fast-start Technology.

Is the Series 9 an Air killer? No, but it takes a big bite out for performance in a small package. If you have money to spare, the upgraded version will set you off another $700, then you will get a laptop that turns heads, outperforms, connects faster and is light (under 3 lb) and cool-running on your lap.

In comparison, the 13-inch MacBook Air (overdue for a faster processor) tappers to a thinner edge and has more than 20 per cent more pixels, meaning a sharper viewing experience. It retails for $1,349 for the same 128 GB SSD drive, 2 GB RAM and may not crunch numbers as fast but does the job with style.Like all Macs, itcan also run Windows 7 (you have to provide your own legal copy)


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