Road Food

23/02/2019 Posted by admin

With only about a week left until my first storm chase with Greg Johnson 杭州桑拿按摩论坛杭州夜生活tornadohunter杭州龙凤and Martin Weaver (Global Regina Videographer), it is safe to say I am getting prettypumped about this trek in the US Midwest!! It is something that takes a lot of planning and dedication to get off the ground. Thanks to my News Director Brent Williamson for giving me this great opportunity. Some of the things I’m thinking about leading up to the trip are: clothing-what to pack, technical gear and equipment that we should or should not be taking. Examples would be cameras, editing software, wi fi connections such as rocket stick, RADAR software programs both on my computer and my iphone to use out in the rural areas hopefully on a 3G network. I plan on taking my viewersLIVE with me in the car throughanonline LIVE blog on our Global Regina website.I’m sure we will run into a few snags about what we forgot or should have packed.

Ialso will be interested in what we will be eating on the road. For me, road food has to be healthy. There is nothing great about eating fattening burgers and fries and then sitting ina car and doing nothing for the next 12 hours while driving. Heather Anderson (Global Regina News Anchor) have been trainingover the winterfor our first half-marathon that takes place on June 19. I will have to try and insert a few long runs while on my storm chase. Here is a clipof Greg Johnson and I discussing a little bit about food for our upcoming storm chase in his Nissan XTerra.

Stay tuned for much more exciting storm chasing chat over the next few weeks.


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