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The Riders welcomed in the media to meet the new coaching staff today.  Kind of a meet and greet with doghnuts and coffee.  The most interesting thing that happened was watching Alex Smith and Bob Dyce just hanging out.  Not one of the media swarmed up to talk to the pair of returning position coaches.  The three of us had a good laugh abou the lack of attention they received and trust me, they didn’t seem to mind at all. 

A lot of focus ofcourse was on gary Etcheverry and Richie Hall.  Questions about Richie coming back and Etch taking a step back.  It is a different setup there is no doubt and I feel like there are those outside the locker room that have their concerns on how it might go.

Today was my first chance to chat briefly with new Head Coach Greg Marshall.  I got a nice vibe from the big man.  We didn’t say much, but there is no doubt he is an imposing figure that will command respect with his group.  He did marvel at the amount of experience that his coaching staff has, with a bit of a smile in the corner of his mouth.


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I think that Brendan Taman has done a nice job in free agency.  This team has been to 3 of the last 4 Grey Cups.  Not exactly a squad that needs a lot of tinkering.  Why break the bank just for the sake of doing it?  The Riders had but a few needs and they filled those alright.  Many people wanted the team to go after a big name, but really why?  Does a big name really add to a stable solid squad?  The price that got paid for some of the guys that went early was big and not necessary for the Green and White to grab.  The patience will pay off.  That’s what I think.


The schedule is out and the Riders open on a Sunday against the Esks.  Its a bit too bad that will be the only time that the Riders host the Evil Empire.  The rumour is that the Riders aren’t overly impressed with this year’s lineup because of the lack of prep days between games.  I haven’t done the math, but I believe its something like 8 less prep days.  The Hamilton in SK game in late October makes little sense to me.  When the weather gets cold, the race in the standings heats up and having an East division foe here makes no sense whatsoever, but I suppose they have to play them sometime.

2011 SCHEDULE (Sask. time)  



Friday, June 17 Edmonton @ Saskatchewan 7:00 PM

Wednesday, June 22 Saskatchewan @ B.C. 8:00 PM



 Sunday, July 3 Edmonton @ Saskatchewan 5:00 PM TSN  


Saturday, July 9 Montreal @ Saskatchewan 2:00 PM TSN

Saturday, July 16 Saskatchewan @ Hamilton 2:00 PM TSN

Sunday, July 24 Saskatchewan @ Montreal 5:00 PM TSN

Saturday, July 30 Calgary @ Saskatchewan 7:30 PM TSN

Friday, August 5 Saskatchewan @ B.C. 8:30 PM TSN

Friday, August 12 Calgary @ Saskatchewan 7:00 PM TSN

Thursday, August 18 Saskatchewan @ Toronto 5:30 PM TSN

Sunday, September 4 Winnipeg @ Saskatchewan 2:00 PM TSN

Sunday, September 11 Saskatchewan @ Winnipeg 2:00 PM TSN

Saturday, September 17 Toronto @ Saskatchewan 2:00 PM TSN

Saturday, September 24 B.C. @ Saskatchewan 2:00 PM TSN

Saturday, October 1 Saskatchewan @ Calgary 2:00 PM TSN

Monday, October 10 Saskatchewan @ Edmonton 2:30 PM TSN

Sunday, October 16 B.C. @ Saskatchewan 2:00 PM TSN

Friday, October 21 Saskatchewan @ Calgary 7:30 PM TSN

Saturday, October 29 Hamilton @ Saskatchewan 1:00 PM TSN

Friday, November 4 Saskatchewan @ Edmonton 7:00 PM TSN




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