Queens of the Country

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Its easy to see why people in Kronau are so proud of their curling team.  Its because they are every bit small town as the province of Saskatchewan.  Its who they are, its who we are for that matter.  Amber Holland and company are the gals you’d run intoat the grocery store, laughing about the fruit for some reason or another.

Try and forget for a moment that this group won Saskatchewan’s first Scotties in 14 years and just picture running into them in the mall.  Its hard isn’t it?  That’s because they are just like everyone of us here in this fine province, the same.  They are the executive, the rec director, the office manager, the teacher.  No different than anyone else you know and that’s what makes them so irresistable to cheer for.  They are just that group of girls in high school having a laugh that we all wish we knew what is so funny.

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Well, the laugh is this, they are the best in the country at what they do.  How many of us can say that?  Not me.  Amber, Kim, Tammy & Heather showed the curling world that they are for real.  Ofcourse, Amber has been saying that all along, but now that they’ve proved it, she really doesn’t have to say anything.  True to her make up, she doesn’t.   They believed in each other and all along they felt they could do it.  Humble to a fault.  Not humble like some superstar hockey player who doesn’t want to be perceived arrogant.  No, humble becuase they really are.

The only bad thing for the folks attending the Scotties in PEI is that they probably didn’t get to share a beer or a rum & coke with these gals all week, because when you are winning you aren’t staying out late.  I’ve had the great pleasure to share a little time in such a regard and again, no surprise here, laughs galore.  Its as if we had been there before and expected to be back there again.  As comfortable as an old pair of shoes.

I think that’s what makes this team so special.  They are you, me and the friend up the road.  They are the person that pulls over when you are out for a walk on a country road, just to make sure everything is alright and to see if you need a ride.  Wholesome, true and maybe even a bit naive…and that is absolutely 100% Saskatchewan.


*photo courtesy of rodpedersen杭州龙凤

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