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10/08/2018 Posted by admin

Monday is Valentine’s Day and I am feeling so lovey – dovey! Yes,for my significant other, but also for some wonderful animal friendsthat I get to meet this Sunday at the 23rdannual”Regina Humane Society” Telethon broadcasted by AccessCommunications. Heather Anderson, Jill Morgan and I will be hosting the event from 8-10 pm on Sunday hoping to raise money towards a great cause. There will be lots of animals. lots of laughs and afew tears I’m sure too. This year over 4,500 lost, homeless, abused and neglected animals will arrive at the Regina Humane Society in need of food, shelter and loving care. They are counting on your help. Tune in and pledge your support at the “You’ve Got A Friend” Telethon on February 13th.

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So, how does everyone feel about Valentine’s Day? I really enjoy the1937 song “My Funny Valentine”, by Richard Rodgers and LorenzHart. Do you know that one?I would like to ask these questions: Is it a holiday where you give gifts? Do you do something special for your spouse like a foot rub or cook a nice supper? Notice I said “supper” instead of “dinner”? Yes, I am being converted into a Westerner!! This Valentine’s thing is a tough one. Valentine’s used to be something so cute and special like the day I was given a dollar bill in grade one for Valentine’s day from a little guy in my class. My mother and father made me give it back immediately the next morning at school. That sucked. That was embarassing! The point is, Valentine’s day (like so many other holidays) isbeing blown way out of proportionand I really don’t buy into a lot of it. I think you should love yourself first and then love someone else just as much and THEN do it everyday of the year not just on Feb 14th. Ok…ok. I guess it IS nice to get flowers on this day too.

The good news is that you’ll be feeling some really warm temperatures over the weekend and into the beginning of next week. Enjoy the sunshine and above seasonal temps. So go ahead and turn up the heat-if you know what I mean:)

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