Protect Against Builders’ Liens After Home Renovations

23/12/2018 Posted by admin

I had an interesting question from a viewer who had a roof replaced after last years hail storm.

After the roofing company finished the job and was paid, the homeowner found out the company which supplied the shingles put a lien on the home for an unpaid bill.

The supplier says the roofer still owed them for some of the materials.

This is called a Builders Lien and it is more common than you think.

A Provincial law allows, “a person to collect money they feel is owed to them for work done or material supplied to a building site.”

“Any person who does improvement work or furnishes material to be used in an improvement for a homeowner, contractor or subcontractor”, can register a lien on your property if they are not paid.

A lien can be registered within 45 days of completion of the work. Once a lien is registered, a contractor has 180 days to take legal action. If not, the lien lapses.

A lien is a notice claiming the right to be paid from the value of your property and a home can not be sold until that lien is paid out.

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To protect yourself against unexpected liens you are allowed to holdback a portion of the final payment

, minimum 10%,

under the Builders' Lien Act.

This must be detailed in writing on the contract before the work is done and should include a date when the funds will be released after the works is completed.

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