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10/08/2018 Posted by admin

On Tuesday evening, a mutual warm-up event was scheduled at the Callie Curling Club. We ( Pat Simmons, Braeden Moskowy, Brennen Jones, Matt Lang) were on our way to Victoria to play in the World Curling Tour’s Victoria Curling Classic. They ( Team Sweden) had arrived on Monday in Regina and had a small, local tour event upcoming. Niklas Edin ( Skip) had emailed me about getting some practice games and times for the week leading up to their World Championships – a great idea.

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The game itself was probably an entertaining one to watch – some pretty good shots being made on both sides. Niklas made a tricky nose hit for one facing three in the first end. After a nice Swedish hit and roll in the 2nd behind staggered centre guards, we managed a runback and a blank. The teams exchanged deuces in the third and fourth ends – Sweden leading 3-2 at the break. In the 5th end, they had us in heat all end, and on my last we tried a thin tick of our 2nd shot rock to the button. All went well, but when the smoke cleared, they still had a bigger piece of the button covered and stole one. Sweden 4, gracious hosts 2. Single points were exchanged in ends 6 and 7 setting the stage for an exciting last end. Facing three spread around the house, Niklas made a very good freeze to shot stone back eight-foot, leaving only a couple inches separation. Now here’s the dilemma – hit one third to two thirds and we get two, tie game and everyone’s happy. Hit less than a third – we win – they appreciate the game but it leaves an uncomfortable annoyed feeling with Sweden. We iced for the thin pick to win, but I went down the ice telling myself it was great to be a little tight, even preferred for the tie. Who said curling isn’t a mental game – I slide a foot tight and knowing a nose hit or further over-curl was not an option, fed that in-turn back like a fisherman setting his hook – we slivered their shot rock across the eight foot too thinly to remove it and gave up a steal. Serves me right for trying to be the nice guy.

Overall, a fun game against a good bunch – Niklas played very well and the shots they missed were as a result of the ice being fairly straight – that shouldn’t be a problem come weekend time. They seemed very prepared and business-like – ready for the week ahead.

Check back tomorrow for where I believe Team Sweden and the rest of the field will finish at the end of this year’s Ford World Championships.

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