Philips Travel Charge Packs

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In today’s Global TV Morning News with co-host Mike Sobel, I showed two portable power chargers from Philips.


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Portable power has come a long way and it comes handy when you are away from power outlets and your cellphone or Nintendo DS or Bluetooth headphone has run out.

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Philips offers two kinds of compact travel chargers that will power up USB-based devices.

-The Philips Power2Go Universal USB Charger Kit $59.99, available at Best Buy, can power portable devices for up to 15 hours, depending on individual devices. A Bluetooth headphone will get 15 more hours, a cellphone will give you 3.5 hours talk time, a GPS unit will work for 7.5 hours while a NintendoDSL will give you one hour more playtime. Expect smartphones, like a BlackBerry, to run for two more hours.

A blue LED indicator shows remaining charge. It is best suited for worldwide travellers.

It comes with a fold-away plug and comes with additional European and UK/Hong Kong plugs plus a retractable cable and seven tip holders (for Nokia, mini USB, Samsung, Motorola, LG and USB for Apple iPhone and iPad)

It includes a soft pouch and thankfully, a connector tip holder.

-The Philips Power2Go Rechargeable Power Pack Kit $29.99, at Best Buy and Wallmart, is smaller and is charged via a USB connection and comes with a separate power charger. Any USB connected charger can charge this unit too.

It comes with similar tips to the Universal USB Charger, soft case and retractable USB cable. It can run smaller devices for up to 30 hours, basically twice as long as the Universal USB Charger, above. It is better suited to be in your car or near a North America power outlet.

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