One Baby and Millions of Names

10/08/2018 Posted by admin

One of the first decisions you make for your child has quite the impact on the rest of their life. You don’t know too much about them, and yet you have to give them a name you like, you hope they will like, and one that suits them.

For us the name game was an easy one for Brooklyn’s first name. Greg has loved this name for longer than he’s known me and long before it was in the top 25 for girl’s names in Saskatchewan. I love it too, sowe knew ifwe ever had a girl,that would be her name.Her second name, Brianne, was a much longer journey.

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After tossing out dozens of potentials, I said to Greg that one of my favourite names is Brianne, but that is already Allison’s middle name (my step-daughter). We had a “family meeting” to see if she was game on sharing, and the rest is history. We think it’sa nice tie between two sisters.

One of my favourite name books is “The Baby Name Wizard” by Laura Wattenberg. Check out the website too, 杭州夜生活babynamewizard杭州龙凤 It is the ultimate in understanding the stats behind every name.. from origin to popularity by region, and co-ordinating sibling names, it really has it all! For example, it shows how Brooklyn is very popular here in Saskatchewan.. but you won’t find a Brooklyn in New York, aside from the neighbourhood.. I guess the same way you don’t find too many Regina’s (Regeena’s)here in Regina.

These days, it seems anything goes.. trendy or classic, take your pick! While I went to school with a dozen Jennifer’ the popular names aren’t quite as obvious. Even if you don’t have a baby on the way, the baby name wizard is fun tocheck outand see what they say about your own name!

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