Nintendo’s new 3DS player here on March 27 for $249.99

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Nintendo’s new 3DS comes withFace Raiders 3D game.Take your picture with the onboard camera and it pastes it on cubesfloating inthe actuallive background you are in.Blow yourself to digital smithereens using motion sensor technology.

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I only got 15 minutes hands-on play with Nintendo’s new glass-free 3DS hand-held video game player. During a brief stopover between flights in Vancouver I stopped by the Nintendo Canada’s head office for a much awaited try-out of the Japanese gaming giant’s cutting edge 3D hand held video game player.

Not nearly enough time to experience what the 3DS is all about, but enough time to tell me that the 3DS walks the walk, in many ways.

Like other 3D glass-free screens, you have a narrow viewing angle to watch the 3D effects. This means someone next to you wouldn’t have the same 3D experience you have when the player is directly in front of you.

Still, the 3D viewing angle is more generous than other “not-ready-for-prime-time” TV screens that were showing at the recent CES show in Vegas and with the handy 3D Depth slider you can adjust from extreme 3D to just 2D.

You see a clean realistic 3D effect on the entire top screen with as much an immersive experience as on 3D TVs that require special glasses.

The new 3DS has sharper screen resolution than the current DSi player and a faster processor with faster graphics and better response.

There are 20 3DS games available and a generous selection of 3D experience that comes with the initial 3DS purchase.

Like three cameras, two of which can shoot and display 3D photos, an amusing Face Raiders 3D game of shooting at floating three-dimensional cubes, with a picture of you in them from the onboard camera, using the player’s accelerometer. You can transfer your downloaded games from older DS players. The 3DS also plays previous DS games, but you will only have online access to a new 3DS specific site.

Two new features can connect you wirelessly with other 3DS users. StreetPass exchanges game information with other Nintendo 3DS systems as owners pass one another. Imagine the social scene experience with this! SpotPass connects online through WiFi, even in sleep mode, able to receive updates and new content.

Also included are: Nintendo 3DS Sound, Mii (avatar) Maker, AR (augmented reality) Games , Activity Log and more.

In addition to the familiar Control Pad and button controls the 3DS also includes a Circle Pad, which features a full 360 degrees of direction. Combined with the built-in motion and gyro sensor, expect an exciting new wave of 3D games with realism, precision and cool effects.

Parental controls also limit the 3D play, something that will ease published concerns over young kids spending a lot of 3D time. Although, like I mentioned before, good 3D, like the 3DS, seemed less stressful to me. And the 3D depth slider makes a huge difference in adjusting 3D to your own liking.

I will share more first person experiences on the 3DS in the coming weeks before the March 27 launch.

Is it worth the extra bucks? Current DS and DSi owners will notice all the hardwareimprovements and the exciting new ways to connect to other near you or far away.3D content, as well as 2D will determine whether the extrabucks will draw a new audience, especially 3D TV owners who have been starved of 3D TV content since 3DTV launcheda year ago.

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