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The Bears are who thought they were…Not very good. Sure, it was a close game on the scoreboard, but really? Did you really think they would beat Aaron Rodgers. The Green Bay QB may not win the MVP this year, but he’s the best player in football this season at the right time. Rodgers is a real treat to watch. Pinpoint passing, great pocket presence & the ability to scramble and run for yardage.

The Steelers just find a way, that’s about the best way i can put it. They may not be flashy, they look bad at times, but when push comes to shove, they get it done. I’m really not a Steelers fan and I am cheering against them in a big way because of Big Ben. I just can’t stand this guy, for obvious reasons. But hey, two classic teams going at it at JerryWorld. Should be fun.


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Speaking of which how about the Pressbox Sportsbar in Regina giving away a trip to the Super Bowl aboard the Bud Plane. Is that sick or what? I popped by the festivities last night and got a chance to hang out with some of the 104.9 the Wolf peeps. Regina’s best rock station involved in this adventure as well…What a great time there last night. Packed house, football on, the Bud girls (one even in the flight attendant outfit from the commercials) and plenty of laughs.


Yakking with some industry people something came up that really concerns me. Its the amount of pay that the radio/television people in this market are making. I’m not whining that I am under paid, but if you follow me, you’ll see why it bothers me. We all love our jobs, but that doesn’t mean we should basically volunteer for them. The pay in Regina isn’t great and now, the cost of living has gone up fairly dramatically in the last few years. I know industry people who took a pay cut to come to work in Regina to help further their career. A pay cut from working in a small town market to come to the city. That doesn’t make sense to me. Aren’t you suppose to make more as you climb the ladder?

The problem then becomes keeping talent. I see it all the time. As soon as people arrive in Regina, they are looking for a way out. The YQR will always be a stepping stone for many a reporter and journalist, but they may not be looking for the first express train out of town if they weren’t almost starving to death trying to live a dream. I’ve looked into salaries in the bigger markets and the increase is massive, so its hard to even try and entice a person to stay.

Trouble is, it ends up sucking for the viewer/listener. A revolving door of nameless faces every 6 months. Why do you think Z99 has great ratings for their morning show? Because CC, Lori & Buzz have been there forever. People like that. Just wish it could happen here more often. Just get tired of the dash for cash that these people are almost forced to go thru.


NHL=Joke. Period. I honestly barely want to pay any attention to this poorly run operation. The players are fabulous, the game is exciting but the people in charge are a mess. Sid the Crosby is about to miss the all-star game with a concussion, yet the league does nothing to end these malicious attacks. Oh, ok!!! I hear what you are saying, “the banned blindside hits to the head.” BIG DEAL! Why is any hit to the head allowed? The idea behind checking is to separate the puck from the player with it. So at any point is it necessary to decapitate him to do this?? No. Not even close. As for these ‘incidental’ or ‘accidental’ hits to the head as is the one that Crosby suffered on New Year’s Day, I say so what? So what if it was accidental, a penalty should be applied. Players get a penalty for not controlling their stick when it hits another player inappropriately. Control your body on the ice.

Given the fact that Crosby was the talk of the town this year with his amazing play and pure dominance, its sad to see the league drag its feet on this.

Superstars are just that and they deserve special treatment. They do. Gretzky got it. Lemieux got. Kobe gets it. Lebron gets it. Messi gets it. Jeter gets it. They just should. Why? Simple. That’s who I pay to watch. I’m sure David Steckel is a fine hockey player. There is probably even a group of fans in Milwaukee that would come to watch him play. He has 9 points this season. He’s a dime a dozen guy in the show. I wouldn’t peek out my window to see him playing road hockey if he was on my street. Yet Sid, well that’s different and I don’t even have to say why.

So you see what I am saying. Get the crap out of the game and protect your stars. Duh


Is there better people in the world than curlers? A media horde took on Amber Holland and the girls in a match on Sunday and it was a blast. Just hope we didn’t screw their game up too much!

That’s it for now. I’ll get some Pats, Warriors, U of R and more on here shortly!


I’m back to blogging and yes, I am who you thought I was! God love Dennis Green.

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