Need some Tech Valentine’s Day ideas?

10/08/2018 Posted by admin

Hey folks, Valentine’s is only one week away, so if you are scratching your head on how to express your love here are a few suggestions I showed on my GlobalTV Morning News Tech Segment today:


-Order a personalized Flip Video pocket camcorder with personalized (even make your own) designs with ready themes including mushy Valentine’s art. Delivery is free from five to ten business days so if you order today and it doesn’t make it next Monday, wrap a printed IOU from the Flip Canadian order site: 杭州桑拿按摩论坛store.theflip杭州龙凤/en-ca/

Despite competition, Flip is still the simplest quality HD camcorders with the least number of buttons (for folks who just want to pick up and shoot) with a sharp (but small) screen, wide angle lens and image stabilizer for smooth videos. The included built-in software that can install when first connected to a PC helps you get still screen shots of frames, share vids privately on eMail or Flip Channels or directly post to Twitter, FaceBook or YouTube.

You can also buy the plain versions from $159.99 -$239.99 at BestBuy, London Drugs Staples and the Source.

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-A cool iPhone/iPad/iTune touch Canadian App, “Mail a Postcard” from Victoria-based Centro Consulting, is freely downloadable. It let’s you design and add a personalized message from your iPhone from anywhere, uses PayPal to charge $2.99 which gets a real printed version stamped and sent to your loved one by old fashioned mail.

-Check out themed Valentine’s Day gift cards like Apple’s iTunes cards in %25 and $50 denominations that let loved ones buy stuff from the iTunes store. Great idea for kids or grandchildren most of whome have an iPod player. For Apple ides, check out: 杭州桑拿按摩论坛itunes.apple杭州龙凤/ca/app/mail-a-postcard/id380254449?mt=8#

-A huge selection of unique poems and quotes called “Love Poems” for Android-based phones from the Android Market you can email a loved one. If you can’t find the words to express your love, this is the place for you!

–But hold off on virtual gifts for seniors. A recent study from US-based Retrevo says the majority of folks over fifty, even web-savvy ones, prefer old fashioned Valentine’s Day gifts.

When it comes to a non-verbal “I love you,” 84 per cent of people over 50 prefer a handwritten letter, 14 per cent prefer an email or text message and only 2 per cent prefer a public message on FaceBook.

Read the survey at 杭州桑拿按摩论坛杭州夜生活retrevo杭州龙凤/content/blog/2010/02/web-savvy-seniors-prefer-oldfashioned-valentines-day

Yesterday, I took in part of the Super Bowl on Bell’s exclusive NFL streaming live content on an Android HTC Legend phone. It’s better than not being there or a real TV, and it costs you $5 monthly for ten hours of TV watching (data included) for a relatively small and fuzzy image…close-ups are better but watching two teams on the field from afar needs improving. Not a party crasher. Funny, I remember watching Bell’s first streaming phone video during the Winter Olympics in Italy and the video has not improved that much, other than now it’s on larger screens. But the audio was excellent. For more information, go to: 杭州夜生活 for other themed channels and packages.

Cya next week!

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