My first visitor

10/08/2018 Posted by admin

I’ve been in Kelowna for almost six months now (wow, six months!) so it was due time to get my first visitor: my mom.

It is always exciting to show someone around your new home: this is where I buy my groceries, this is the restaurant I like to eat at and so on and so forth. She was only here for a few days but I feel like it was quite the whirlwind while she was here. Also, getting visitors gives you a valid excuse to visit the places you mean to see and explore but don’t really get around to.

We had great meals at a few places (RauDZ Regional Table, Mabui and Twisted Tomato) and she even mentioned how she thought the food tasted fresher out West than back East – Kelowna: 1, Toronto: 0.

I took her to Mission Hill for a wine tasting one day. It was also my first time there and both she and I could not believe the view! It was a gorgeous day: the sun was shining…the lake was sparkling…the air was crisp – Kelowna: 2, Toronto: 0

And of course, her trip wouldn’t have been complete without visiting the CHBC News station. Taking her through the station and introducing her to everyone reminded me of when I went to her workplace for “Take Your Kids to Work Day” back in the day. Except this was “Take Your Mom to Work Day”…a little different but not bad.

As we walked around downtown Kelowna and along the lake, she said she understood why I was enjoying my time out here, simply put, it’s really pretty! With the mountains all around and lakes surrounding the city, she was impressed, which made me feel so proud of my adopted hometown – Kelowna: 3, Toronto: 0.

Then she said she would spread the word back East about how great her visit was. So watch out Kelowna, you might get even more visitors this summer.


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