Monday at the World’s

24/08/2018 Posted by admin

 When taking part in these week-long round robin events such as the Brier or similarly the World Championships, Monday seems like the make it or break it day more often than not.  This may be for a couple of reasons – first and most importantly the contenders have had a couple of days to hone the skills and become accustom to the conditions, so Monday is generally when the good teams start playing even better.  Suddenly the freezes are perfect, hit and rolls are becoming easier, and the confidence in throwing that hackish type weight which makes so many shots easier to handle is finally there.  Also, the excitement of the opening weekend is winding down, and with this sometimes a drop-off in the crowd sizes during the day and possibly the adrenaline levels also.  As a result, Monday usually starts to show which teams are prepared the best in terms of rest, nutrition, hydration, and overall mental toughness.  This is the time of the week that those good routines your team has worked to develop throughout the year need to take over allowing the team to ride on autopilot for awhile and hopefully save some of  those energy stores for the important weekend ahead.   

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We will check back following the next couple of draws today- lets watch for a little separation starting to develop in the field, both in record and confidence more importantly.  Those teams exiting Monday with confidence will likely have no worries about the record. 

Specific teams to watch :  Norway – have been inconsistent and uncharacteristically shaky looking at best- today may be the most meaningful for them as they play a Swedish team next that is hitting their stride. 

USA – has had a difficult starting schedule but needs to hang in there- they may not be able to let this game against Germany slip by with Canada upcoming tonight. 

France – they had a close game vs Sweden, and beat Denmark, Korea, and Cze Republic.  This results in a good early record, but they need to leave Monday on a high note with the meat of the order still ahead.  Tonight, it’s Norway and a great opportunity to build some momentum against a good team that has had it’s struggles thus far. 

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