MCAS New River, NC

23/05/2019 Posted by admin

The Snowbirds are at our first show of the season, which happens to be in New River North Carolina at Marine Corp Air Station (MCAS).  Our journey started last Wednesday when we left Moose Jaw.  Two days later with stops in Minot, ND; St-Paul, MN, Lafayette, IN; Charleston, WV and finally to New River, NC.

MCAS is an impressive base which happens to be home to over 200 aircraft and a sign at the front gate which reads “Please excuse our noise, it’s the sound of freedom,” now that’s my kind of place!  There are V22 Ospreys, Harrier Jump jets, Sea Stallions all over the place and some hard core soldiers shouting out OOH RAH!  The community is extremely proud of their soldiers and we were welcomed as one of their own.  

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Today also marked the first time the Snowbirds performed in front of a crowd of around 25,000.  Being a part of the Snowbirds is more than just performing,  it was about meeting people and telling them about the Canadian Forces and the Country we represent.  I had the chance to meet with some soldiers from Wounded Warriors.  These were young people who were injured serving their country.  What was nice to see was how the airshow organizers focus was to ensure that these fine people were recognized their sacrifices.  What humbled me was how highly these people spoke of the Canadians they worked beside overseas and how close they felt to their neighbours to the North.  It was a gentle reminder of how we all need to look after one another. 

My first air show thus far has been memorable, and this was only the first day. 

SB 6 out, OOH RAH! 


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