Major Winter Storm Moving In…On The First Day Of Spring?

10/08/2018 Posted by admin

Yes, it’s official, it is now Spring. Really? Doesn’t feel much like Spring does it! Even though the first day of Spring is here, that does not guarantee warmer weather. As the Spring Equinox arrives (officially at 5:21 CST yesterday) we have daylightand darkness for 12 hours each day. Our sun is setting around 7pm in the evening and our days get longer as we approach summer solstice in June. We also will start to see our beautiful prairie sunshine angle itself higher in the sky as the rays become directed north of the equator for the next 6 months. It takes the land a long time to heat and cool…we’ve got the cool part figured out !! Now it will be a few more weeksbefore intense solar rays heat the land up and we feel likeit is truly Spring.

For now, since it is so wintery-lets talk about it!

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There is a significant amount of snow on the way to the Prairies. There is a strongcold cored area of Low Pressure that is centered over Wyoming that is tracking east over the next few days. The top portion of this storm is clipping most of southern Saskatchewan and will dump 15-45 cm of snow in it’s wake. Our winds will stay easterly until the system passes by, then our winds will shift north westerly drawing in some cold air. The snow should wrap up by Thursday and wecan welcome the springsunshine back into the province:)

For all the weather geeks out there (like me) …ever wonder who the first weather forecaster was? When did Meteorology actually become a recognized science? Check out the link below to find out about the history of Meteorology.


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