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One more tablet joins the fray, the LG Optimus Pad, formally known as the LG-V905R. Available at Rogers for $449.99 with three year plan or $699.99 no term, it enters a growing arena, boasting unique features. A reminder, like other tablets, it’s not a phone – it has WiFi and is also wireless on Rogers’ Rocket data plan.

What’s special about it? It has the distinction of being the first 3D shooting tablet and it runs on Android platform 3.0, known as Honeycomb, a totally new Android operating system designed for tablets.

The first thing I noticed was the screen size. The 8.9-inch display is between the 10-inch iPad or Motorola Xoom, and the 7-inch BlackBerry or Samsung tablets. It’s actually easy to hold with one hand and the 1280×768 WXGA screen is bright and just as sharp as competitors. Now we have more incremental choice sizes in tablets.

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It runs on a one GHz dual core Nvidia Tegra 2 processor, at par with today’s tabs.

First let’s get the 3D out of the way. OK, it’s there and it’s a first for any tablet. It shoots in several 3D modes but the screen on the tablet is 2D (unlike the also new Optimus 3D smart phone, not available in Canada, yet). But you have options to watch 3D on the cheap. The onboard 3D player shows 3D for anaglyph glasses, the cardboard red/blue kind. The 3D files show better on any of today’s 3D TV’s, viewed with their glasses.

I watched my own shot 3D on the Optimus on the LG Cinema 3D passive and Sharp Quad active 3D TV’s and their respective glasses and it looks a lot better than the anaglyph experience (which BTW, shows on any 2D HDTV if you plug the Optimus Tab in via the included HDMI cable).

How good is the 3D? It works, but the quality is not as good as 3D dedicated cameras and cams, or even 2D cameras that shoot 3D stills.

I would not buy this tab for the 3D experience…but I would buy it for the perfectly sized screen that will surely be a sweet spot for many buyers.

The dual 5 megapixel 3D camera lenses also work fine in 2D, in fact the best 2D five megapixel still cameras on a tab I have seen. It also has a third camera facing you for video calls. The 2D video advertizes as 1080p but it’s actually 720p interpolated to 1080p. Sorry, not the same quality video as true 1080p tabs, like the BlackBerry PlayBook.

The rest of my experience was on the very cool Honeycomb OS, well matched for the feel, size and speed of the Optimus Tab. There’s plenty of power to go around for the multi-tasking capabilities and being tied to all things Google, this tab works well.

It may not fit in your jacket pocket, like 7–inch tabs but it’s just as easy to carry around and use, with more screen space.

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