Let The Storms Begin!

10/08/2018 Posted by admin

To everyone that has a great passion for weather like I do, storm season is about to start…only not for us, for the southern USA.

Our season will start inearly summer while the southern US is getting hit already with tornado threats along withthe clashing of warm and cold air masses that battle it out to see who wins. For us here in Canada,it takes a lot longer for both heat and moisture to make it all the way this far north. The US thunderstorm season willbestarting up in May for the Great Plainsas the jet stream situates itself in the central USat thattime of year. As the summer goes on, we get hotter and more moisture can make it up here from the Gulf Of Mexico as the jet strean migrates even further north bisecting thecentral Canadianprairies.Our storms are even fueled by evapotranspiration from corn fields that are south of us in the US. This means moisture exhaled by plants adds to the requirements for intense thunderstorm development.

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There is a threat of severe weather over the next few days as alargelow pressure system that is centered over the southern US tracks north east. The storm is forecast to bring tornado warnings, wind gusts,possible hail and is expected to hitArkansas, Missouri and Louisana by this evening.. Myfamilyisvacationing inthesouthern USrightnow and although I would take their 80 degree F weather over ours anyday, people do not really think about storm season setting up in the south for the next few months when picking out that perfect RV site! The winds show no mercy on these parks,I will keep them posted on all the action!

Here is a breakdown that accuweather has put together for thier website.


After this storm visits the south it makes it’s way into Ontario, bringing rain to Toronto for most of the week.

I look forward to July where I can tell the stories of our wicked severe weather here in the Prairies…maybe with any luck I’ll get to witness a tornado too:)


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