Kodak Throws 3D in its New Printer

23/07/2019 Posted by admin

Want to get a back-to-school head start on printers? Check out Kodak’s new ESP Office 2170 All-in-One Printer, $149.99

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It’s designed for home and small business use as it includes fax features in addition to the print, copy and scan capabilities.

It has a smaller footprint than previous models but packs more in a smaller package.

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Like incorporating a 25-page automatic document feeder, 150 sheet feed tray, the ability to send scans you start on the printer or multi flash reader to the PC and smooth and fast faxing. It is WiFi b/g/n capable and very easy to set up on its rather small but functional screen.

One cool feature is printing or saving to screen or emailing 3D generated pictures created with any digital camera by simply shooting the same scene twice, 10 cm apart. The printer’s software figures it out, but you need the blue/red anaglyph glasses to view. The 3D actually looks impressive on large PC monitors which don’t need anything else to display the 3D (other than the anaglyph glasses).

In addition, Kodak offers free downloads of its Kodak Pic Flick App for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or BlackBerry. That’s OK, but I wish Kodak would also offer text printing from these devices, something they have been promising for more than a year. Like other fine scanners, the 2170 can scan multiple prints at 1200 Dots Per Inch (DPI) optical resolution in one pass and handle each separately.

The printer is responsive and fast (especially when scanning to multipage PDF format) and is only missing one item to make it the perfect low ink cost printer… automatic two sided page printing. It will do it but it’s semi manual, requiring you take the automatically generated stack of pages and re-feed them for printing the other side…not worth the time for small jobs. Auto two sided is available in pricier models.


Where Kodak competes with all other printer makers is the cost of ink, at half the price according to Kodak, to print the same number of pages. This is the fourth generation of Kodak printers with the same lower ink cost feature. I have tried every one and must attest that compared to every other make (except Lexmark’s pricier 4- in-1 Platinum series with even cheaper under $6, 500 page black-only cartridge) , the average consumer will indeed save about 40 per cent on ink costs, when you factour in a combination of quality, text only and mixed colour content pages.

But it all depends on how you print. For example, draft quality printing mode on the 2170 is of slightly lesser quality than other brand printers, forcing you to sometimes switch to normal mode, which is indistinguishable in quality with competitors, still saving you on ink cost.

Kodak now offers larger capacity XL separate Black and Colour cartridges which at double the price (Black ink XL cartridge for $19.99 for 670 pages versus $9.99 for 335 pages) offer double the number of pages, no savings per page but fewer trips to the store at a considerably low 3 cents per black ink page for those planning to print a lot of school work.


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