Is it summer yet?

10/08/2018 Posted by admin

I didn’t visit Kelowna before I moved out here. The only interaction I had with anything Okanagan-related before my big cross-country move was this tourism video my friend and I found online:



One could say my jaw dropped while I was watching this video. A gorgeous looking lake! A boardwalk! Wineries! Golfing! Ski hills! Let’s just say my friend was very jealous when the video ended. And me? I was beside myself that I would be moving to such a beautiful city.

And Kelowna has not disappointed. I have had an amazing time here these last few months. Compared to Toronto, the air is a little cleaner, the landscapes are more appealing and the winters aren’t as harsh. 

But everyone is telling me…just wait until summer. I moved here right as summer wrapped up so I didn’t get to indulge in an Okanagan summer. You could say my expectations are high with all the things people have told me about the months of May to August. 

As February trickled into March and March gave way to April, I got more and more eager. And the weather seemed to be cooperating…until recently. A few weeks ago, the sun was out and I thought for sure summer was starting. But it was like Mother Nature wanted to psych me out and keep me on my toes! It’s still a little chilly outside. And weren’t the temperatures just below zero the other day? Where is summer? Or more specifically, when will it arrive?

So tell me, are you ready for summer? And what suggestions do you have for me as I get ready to experience my first-ever summer in the Okanagan?


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