Is Anyone Out There?

10/08/2018 Posted by admin

This blog has gone zonkers. According to the measuring system there is no one out there. From readers this high in number…. hold your arm up high… that high….. to…..point down at the ground…. that low… the blog has no one reading it.

I am assured by Peter Meiszner who is in charge of the web site and all things computer that come out of the newsroom, it is a glitch in the measuring system. Don’t worry, he says. Nothing has changed.

I hope so. But I don’t trust computers.

For instance, I asked a couple of kids on spring break, which used to be Easter vacation, if they were going out to play?

Out? one of them said.

Outside? the other asked.

Yes, I said, out where there is rain and wind and clouds and mud and games and fun.

Outside? both of them asked, looking at each other.

We can make a rain storm on our Apple, said one.

We have people playing in the mud right here, said one, moving his mouse which moved a pointer which showed me mud and people playing in it.

We have races through the mud, said the other. And we don’t have to get muddy.

What about hide and seek? I asked. Don’t you go outside and play that? That’s a great game.

What does hide mean?” asked one of them.

How can you hidewhen you have a GPS? asked the other.

Somethng in the world is not right. I hope there is someone on the other end of this note, looking at it. Just stick your hand outside the window and wave. I will feel much better. And tell your kids to go outside. Really outside. Mud is bad for computers, but good for kids.




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