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10/08/2018 Posted by admin

Hello all you frozen friends. I hope you are doing your best to stay warm. Maybe it is a cup of hot chocolate, some warm tea, or maybe a shot of Vanilla Vodka??! That is what La Bodega Ice Bar was serving up on Friday night. I had the opportunity to be a part of a Bartending for Charity event on that evening-all proceeds from the drinks went to a great cause. Money was donated to Regina Transition House which is a shelter for woman and children that are victims of abuse. People were very generous with theirdonationsas I poured Vanilla Vodka down an Ice Luge for them-it chilled the Vodka while it slid down the ramp:) The other option for a beverage for Charity was Hot Apple Cider with rum in it…a sure way to warm up! That brings me to my next point. Itsure feltvery cold that evening, even though it was only -8, it had a moisture in the air and it just chilled you to the bone. Even though today we are going down to -33 I venture to guess it would feel a lot drier out there. You know how they say it’s a drier heat and a drier cold out here in the Prairies…IT ISTRUE-that night was a rarity… Thanks to everyone who came out to say “Hello” that night, it was such fun.

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Our weather…we are going to stay unseasonably cold for one more day and then we are going to see a significant warm up once again. Temperatures reaching -1 by mid-week. This makes me smile. I was talking to our assignment editor in the newsroom today about Spring. She said “Hey how long away is Spring right now?”I answered “Only about 6-7 weeks til the Spring Equinox which is March 21 (the first day of Spring)”, and a bunch of people including her laughed out loud and said “Yeah but that doesn’t count, when is Spring really here??” I laughed too because it is very true-Spring never feels like it’s here when it actually arrives, it’s usually still very cold and sometimes snowy!It is like that where I’m fromin Ontario some years too. Hang in there my Frozen Friends:)

Here are some pictures from La Bodega:)

Cheers and thanks for reading.

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