Help From Above

10/08/2018 Posted by admin

Sometimes it is all a fluke. All my adult life I have been in newsrooms. Even when I was in the Air Force I wrote for the Air Force newspaper. I’ve had great adventures and met incredible numbers of super people.

On Sunday I was looking at a story on the history of what happened on Feb. 20. The biggest event was that John Glenn became the first man tocircle the earthin a space ship.Many people on earth were worried that on reentry hiscapsul would burn up and he would die.

At the very moment he was in the sky I walked into a newspaper personnel department in New York. There was no way in the world I should have gotten a job there.I graduated from high school the day before, six months late becauseI was not an excellent student, to say the least.. I had no skills other than pumping gasoline in a taxi cab garage in which I worked all the way through high school. I suspected working for a newspaper would be exciting, but in truth, I couldnot write a sentence andhad trouble reading.

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I filled out a job application, which had nothing muchmore than my name and address and heldit outto a man at a desk. He, along with everyone else in the room, was listening to a radio.They were paying no attention to anything else.The radio was all that was importantand they were staring at it. Would the man in the sky live? It was Feb. 20, 1962.

Heglanced up, took my application, dropped it in a bin on his desk and said, with his eyes back on the radio said, “You can start in the mail room on Monday.”

There was no interview, no examination of my lack of talent, no questions. I was hired. it was a bit of a struggle from the mail room to the newsroom, but if it wasn’t for John Glenn I would probably be still pumping gas.

The moral, just because you think something is impossible, don’t skip it. You might get help from the strangest places.

p.s. John Glenn landed in one piece. So did I.


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