GM’s OnStar Get’s Hi-Tech

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Luvell Williams at Detroit OnStar Command Center where 6 million OnStar drivers can get emergency help, turn-by-turndirections to the restaurant of their choice and more

Here is my Monday GlobalTV Morning News Tech Untangled with co-host Mike Sobel: 杭州桑拿按摩论坛杭州夜生活globaltvedmonton杭州夜网/video/index.html?releasePID=fdPLb0ozex5J338CTg7agmvAEwVIPfta

I recently was invited to tour the GM OnStar site at GM head
quarters in Detroit.

We talked to key members of the OnStar team and saw behind
the scene OnStar happenings from the Command Center to the research lab where
some exciting new features are being worked on for 2012 cars.

The Command Center, a wide glassed-in room with computers
and large screens showed live traffic activities of OnStar costumers from
emergency to remote access one’s GM car and more.

OnStar is now 15 years old and although the GPS based system
serves more than 6 million users (see stats below) there are some interesting
cutting edge features being worked on that were shown to me at the OnStar ASD

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HangZhou Night Net

The latest one, available for current OnStar users of 2011
vehicles, is MyLink, a free app for Android and Apple iPhones and iPads. Once
you register (and I was plenty convinced it is secure after trying it myself in
Edmonton this past week) you can start, stop your car remotely, lock, unlock
and turn horn/lights on and off. You can also see your car’s engine basic condition
like oil change status and most importantly, how much gas you have left and how
far you can drive. All from the comfort of you smartphone.

What else is coming up? Facebook and Text messaging
services, hands-free off course, are being beta tested and fine tuned with no
dated release yet. This will involve text to speech technology.

The ASD Lab was a bit secretive but I can share a bit of
what they are working on: A way to let you know, on your cellphone, you have a
flat tire and options to get it fixed. Also
a smart way to offer you alternative faster routes to work.

To me, the most interesting revelation from Joanne Finnorn, OnStar
VP Subscriber Services, was an open mind to forging relationships with third
parties, like advertisers. No details were revealed, but Finnorn said the company
would not discount future third party scenarios
that could offset rising operational OnStar costs.

So let’s have some fun with this. Here is a scenario you and
I can entertain: during your turn-by-turn voice directions to your
destination, with your prior permission, you might get an added announcement of
nearby deals like restaurant discounts.

Seems like a tall order for GM, amid current privacy and safety
concerns, but I think a relationship between OnStar and say, Groupon杭州夜网 with
instant discounts along your driving
route would be hot. No?

Canadians can find out about OnStar at 杭州夜生活onstar杭州夜网/Canada

(North America followed by Canada)

Automatic Crash Response: Over 2,600/Month, CAN: 180/Month

Emergency Services:
Over 10,000/Month, CAN: 310/Month

Good Samaritan Emergencies :
Over 6,800/Month, CAN: 350/Month

Good Samaritan Theft Reports: Over 450/Month, CAN: 30/Month

Remote Door Unlock – Over 58,900/Month, CAN: 3,400/Month

Roadside Assistance 2.6 million 33,000/Month, CAN: 1000/Month

Turn-by-Turn Routes Delivered: Over 1.6 million Routes/Month,
CAN: 58,600/Month

OnStar Vehicle Diagnostics:
Over 3.7 million emails/month, CAN: Over 270,000 emails Sent

On-Demand Diagnostics: Over 58,500/month NA

OnStar Hands-Free Calling – Over 2.6 Billion Minutes**
Purchased 72 Million Minutes** CAN: Purchased/Month including unlimited bundle
sales CAN: Over 6.8 Million** Minutes/Month

Detroit OnStar ASD lab researcher Jim Kelly shows an early version of a text messaging system notifying drivers of flat tires.

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