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Google’s next version of its own phone, the Nexus S, will be available with most Canadian cellcos in April. I have had one for the past few weeks from a Samsung insider. It’s unlike the dozens of Android based phones that are flooding the market. It is loaded with hardware and software features that will be tough to beat. This includes Google’s new Gingerbread operating system. It will be unlocked and you can pick the cellco of your choice to buy it at a deal with a contract voice and data plan.

Before you even turn it on, you will notice the curved screen, making easier to hold. It has two video cams for video conferencing, it can be a WiFi hotspot for other devices and comes with 16 GB of memory. It has a dedicated graphics processor so video watching and game playing is smoother. The fingerprint resistant countered screen is exceptionally bright and the 5 megapixel camera and 720p HD video keep pace with the best current smartphone.

The Nexus S is NFC (near Filed Communications) capable for reading smart tags or things that have NFC chips in them.

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It’s multitasking, and comes with the latest Google Mobile apps including Market, YouTube, Navigation (beta) Mobile, Instant, Maps 5.0, gMail, Google Earth and lot’s more. It has very accurate voice actions for sending text, calling, note to self, setting the alarm, restaurant finding and mapping and more.

And guess who makes this phone for Google? Samsung.

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Now mobile Mac users can scan on the go with Canon’s dedicated portable “Scan-tini” officially known as the imageFORMULA P-150m, $295. FYI, the P-150 version is available for Windows PCs.

Weighing in at less than one kg, it’s not the smallest, at 11 x 3.7 x 1.6 inches, but does it ever perform when it spreads its wings. The Canon P-150M can scan 15 A4 pages per minute or 30 pages using duplex when scanning both side of a document.

It has a very cool skew feature which straightens a scanned image if the page gets fed into the scanner at an off angle, which happens a lot with small scanners.

It’s built solid and when all the paper guides are folded back in, it can take as much abuse as a laptop.

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