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10/08/2018 Posted by admin

by Christina Stevens

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The sun is low in the sky, making a silhouette of Buckingham Palace. As usual, the square in front is packed with people snapping photos but there are also many signs of the big event.

Fences have been constructed around the edges and down the Mall, lining the procession route. There is also a three-storey media compound facing onto the square and it is abuzz with activity. Technicians laying cables linking anchor positions to satellite trucks, rigging lights and setting cameras.

Everything has to be perfect for Friday. There’s no room for error.

Media are here from around the world. So far, I’ve seen plenty of crews from the U.S., not to mention Japan, Italy, Spain, France – you name it, they are here. It’s predicted that two billion people around the world will be watching the royal wedding. No pressure or anything…

Tourists rest in front of Buckingham Palace in London on April 25. Photo by Alastair Grant, The Associated Press.

There are other signs that the countdown is underway. On display, an unbelievable number of William and Kate souvenirs. From the elegant to the kitschy, posters, plates and flags. You name it, they have it. After seeing them on every corner, you almost get the urge to buy something. Almost…but not quite.

The question now is how soon will people start to camp out at the best spots. The prime one being in front of Buckingham Palace to see first hand, that all important, oh-so-romantic “first kiss.” I wouldn’t be surprised if people started trying to stake out some real estate as early as Wednesday. Whether they would be allowed to stay is another issue. Anyone want to wager a bet as to when we see the first die-hards in their sleeping bags?

Maybe the British bookies are already giving odds…I’ll let you know.

Christina is a Global National correspondent, normally based in Toronto, but currently covering the royal wedding in London. Follow her on Twitter: @StevensGlobal.

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