Fine-Tuning Technology to the Max

10/08/2018 Posted by admin

In today’s Global TV Monday Morning News with co-host Mike Sobel, I showed two cool gizmos with smart features pushing technology to the next level.


-Logitech’s wireless Solar Keyboard K750, $89.99 is 1/3” thin and very Eco-friendly. It runs off natural light coming in from your window or house lights at night, through two built in solar panels. It can keep its charge for up to three months, but if you used it, it can run for a month. But unless you compute in total darkness, it will simply keep charged up from the ambient light in your office or home. If you doubt first-time technology, it comes with a three-year limited warranty.

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The keyboard is low profile but the pebble-style keys feel just right for the most comfortable typing. In fact, it’s more comfortable than the best laptop keyboards and feels much smoother than regular desktop keyboards, due to its low but densely cushioned key stroke depth. This might be a small detail, but the slight concave shape of each key ads to its “feel-good” typing experience.

It comes with the tiniest Logitech Unifying USB receiver which can also work with other compatible wireless devices. It’s very responsive and just as importantly, it features 128-bit AES keyboard encryption, for secure use near others.

The minimalist box with instructions printed on the inside is recyclabe as is the keyboard’s plastic shell. A USB extension is included for hard-to-get-to USB access on computers. The donwloadable Solar App shows the keyboard’s charge capacity as well as a nifty gage on how much light the solar panels are receiving at any time.


-Don’t let Panasonic’s Sports Clip RP-HS200 Buds $30, fool you with their small size and weight. They are loaded with smart features like sideways-mounted 12.4 mm size drivers pumping out full sound in noisy environments. The soft elastomer ear hook clips keep the comfortable buds in place for action folks. Their design also eliminates cord touch noise when you are moving about. To top it off, the Sport Buds are also water resistant.


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