Feds Fumble

10/08/2018 Posted by admin

Oh sure, you can call it what you like and many have.  Anew football stadium for the Riders, an entertainment complex or an urban renewal project.  Truth is, its all of them.  However, now its none of them.

Thanks to the Federal government not saying anything, the idea of a new domed football/entertainment/urban renewal plan is dead.  The Feds didn’t say they are not committing money, nope, they just didn’t say anything.  Sorry to wait an entire year for an answer and then not get one.  Kinda hurts doesn’t it?  Not even a no thank you.  Hey, I’m as Conservative as they come, but this is a rude snub.  Like that way to hot girl in high school who’s just way to cool to even say no when you ask her out.

Well, here’s the catch.  The Harper government isn’t that sexy and right now that ugly little boy (Saskatchewan) is slowly becoming a man and whoa boy, he’s starting to take the shape of a model from one of those firefighter calendars.  This is a massive mistake and the wrong time. Politics have jumped in and ruined what could very well be a massive shift in this country.  But hey, with a million people in the province, why would the Feds care?  The election is over before people in the 306 even cast a ballot.

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It makes no sense to me why this project is grounded?  The fastest growing area in our entire country is right here in central Saskatchewan.  People are coming in from all over the world to be here, yet we have no affordable housing.  Gee whiz, that’d be a horrible idea to put housing in where Mosaic lives.  Oh and those rail yards, there’s some real good real estate for what??  Million dollar show homes? I doubt it.  Its the perfect fit.  So perfect that the Feds helped fund a report about the site, but didn’t bother to really say boo when the time came to do anything.  Wonder if the PM and his staff run the marriages the same way?  Its amazing they haven’t all been divorced a few times for just not taking part in a relationship they signed up for.

There are those who argue that the money could go to better use.  Ok, I’m listening, what?  Talk to me.  What would you rather spend the money on?  Oh and here’s the catch!  You better damn well spend it on that then.  Not sure how much mileage we are getting out of the 1 BILLION DOLLARS spent on the G20 summit in Toronto.  That was great money spent from where I sit.  If you have something better to blow 500 mil on then go for it, but you better do it.  I’m all for hospitals and doctors and teachers and schools.  But then do it.  It seems all I hear about are hospitals closing and kids moving schools because the old ones are shutting the doors.  So um, where is the money going?

As far as I can see with my contacts in, this is a major fumble by the Federal government not to get involved in this plan.  And I for one will be taking a long hard look at the ballot when the next federal election rolls around.  Ofcourse, I don’t live in the east, so they won’t care anyway.  Cheers.


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