Fantasy Food- A RED CARPET Event!

10/08/2018 Posted by admin

I didn’t know what to expect when I was invited to the Fantasy Food event at the Saskatchewan Science Centre this past Saturday night. I was blown away as soon as I stepped out of the car! There were torches lit alongside the red carpet that guided me to the swanky event.Fantasy Foodhas been running for 10 years now and I cansee why tickets sell out so fast. The different assortments of fine cuisine at every corner of the eclectic backdrop made for a constantly exciting and surprising tour through out the 3 levels it boasts. There was an African drumming group in the center of the room that entertained everyone in between the silent Auction that had many beautiful items up for sale.

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This is such a great opportunity for restaurants to really strut their stuff. La Bodega was serving the quail eggs on duck that I tried when I shot a promo for thema few weeks ago. Fabulous! There were somedelicious spring rolls and cherry sauce, a wonderful Asian salad and these little spicy appetizers in miniature waffle cones that were no bigger than 2 inches long. Speaking of waffles-I tried a Belgian waffle madeby “Fresh and Sweet” – this was one of my favourites! I really loved the array of winesthat Fantasy Foodhad to sample and I even got to try a really yummy maragarita – my beverage of choice!.

I highly recommend this event in the future if you really want to feel like you are something special. There was lots of mixing and mingling about the some 700 people in attendance.

On another note, last week I wrote a blog regarding my dog (13 year old Labrador) Harmony and how she is so afraid of thunderstorms. A viewer commented on my blog and suggested I post a picture of her. So here she is…my beautiful Harmony.

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