Canucks nation

23/05/2019 Posted by admin

Having grown up on the East Coast, I consider myself a Toronto Maple Leafs fan.

But wait! Don’t throw me to the lions just yet. Since I moved out west, a new team has been creeping up on my conscious. Yes, that’s right, it’s those Vancouver Canucks.

I’m not going to be a bandwagoner and jump on board just because the team is in the Stanley Cup finals. That wouldn’t be fair to the true, die-hard Canucks fans. And even though it’s been decades since the Leafs have made it to the playoffs, I couldn’t betray them like that.

But I have been cheering the Canucks on. Plus you can’t go anywhere in this city now without hearing about them so I have been soaking in fan love for the team these past few weeks.


Fortunately because of my job, I get to go around and see and meet Canucks crazy fans. I was at Doc Willoughby’s Saturday night when the Canucks tied the game 2-2 against the Bruins and sent it into overtime: it was quite the madhouse there. Eyes were fixated on the screen watching the puck move back and forth across the ice. Though I had to do a couple quick interviews, I didn’t dare interrupt anyone watching. I feared their wrath if I was the reason they missed something during the game.

I’ve seen houses decked out in Canucks colours and posters. We recently did a story on a family that hung a Canucks flag on a city light fixture and narrowly avoided a fine.

Canucks fever is sweeping through the valley and it’s hitting everyone….hard.

Today, I went out to Our Lady of Lourdes in West Kelowna. Students persuaded the administration to hold a Canucks Day and came to school wearing jerseys, with hair painted blue and green, with posters reading Go Canucks Go and with the belief that this team could take the series in four games.




Everyone it seems has been hit hard by a case of Canucks fever. And as an outsider to this area, I’m loving every single second of it. 

Go Canucks go!

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