Canada Hanging In

24/08/2018 Posted by admin

 Canada again hanging in their game with the US. The combination of not being razor sharp and some good shots by Pete Fenson keeping the game close after 6 ends. In the 7th end, USA was lying 2 buried on the button and decided to play a hit on Canada’s 3rd shot, only to crash on the guard and completely open up the end allowing Canada to blank the pivotal 7th end.
In another pivotal 7th end, France hit and rolled out on an open hit for 4, killing one of their own in the process, counting 2 when the smoke cleared. Remember this end if Norway can find away to claw back and win this game.
Korea on the board with help from a big 5 ender in the 4, a good comeback win after getting down 4-1 after 3 ends to start the game.
Ninth end – tied up at 3’s and the US has last rock. Canada throws the center guard, then Fenson walks out to play the tick shot. It’s made perfectly rolling off center while pushing the yellow Canadian rock into the rings. Canada proceeded to throw another center guard- followed by a called hit of the Canadian rock in the house – which happens to roll out. I don’t understand and can’t believe this call – the tick is great if your up in the game and scoring one is a good option, but Canada’s entire end plan is to force one this end. The follow up call by the US on the lead’s second stone to hit the rock in the 12 foot was just as bad, roll out or no roll out, leaving a center and corner guard for Canada to play around. An unbelievable mistake by one of the more experienced teams here – the end result a Canadian steal of one (all my opinion of course).

France hangs on to win a close contest – a tough loss for Norway who couldn’t build momentum after an afternoon win. And another ugly Canadian win – hey any team who has won one of these has admittedly won a few games like this through the week. This was my first real good look at the ice – looked a little straighter with one turn for sure and possibly a little tracky with different weights also across the sheet as their were some uncharacteristic draws misplaced by both teams. Another great crowd tonight – way to go Regina!!     


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