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23/04/2019 Posted by admin

   The CFL Canadian Draft is on Sunday and the Blue Bombers have 2 picks in the top 4. A great chance to add some building blocks for the future and continue the rebuilding process.  The Blue Bombers own the 1st overall pick and they’re likely to take either Linebacker Henoc Muamba or Offensive Lineman Scott Mitchell.  GM Joe Mack says they’re looking for someone to be a backup at first and immediately play special teams.  That would rule out Mitchell!  Bombers legend and now TV commentator Milt Stegall was asked his thoughts on who the Bombers should select and the “Turtle Man” made it abundantly clear they should select Mitchell because he could start immediately.

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   But its that short term thinking thats part of the reason why the Bombers haven’t won a Grey Cup in 20 years.  I say who cares if he can start this year.  Select the most athleticly gifted player that will star for the next decade even if it takes him a year or so to get up to speed.  If they were to select Mitchell he could possibly start at guard this year but would he really be that much of an upgrade on Steve Morley ?  Why not select the talented linebacker from St F-X who can be not only a ratio breaker but a starter for years to come.  But is Muamba good enough to be the clubs starter at middle linebacker ?  That’s the real question since there have been so many duds in the CFL draft taken over the years.  Most people in the know in the CFL believe Muamba can be the next Shea Emery/Mike O’Shea.

   By starting Mitchell on the offensive line you really don’t gain a whole lot of roster flexibility.  But by drafting Muamba and playing him at middle linebacker it would free up an American spot somewhere else.  Probably at receiver where they could start an extra American…maybe a guy like Damian Sherman.

   The other question since the Bombers also pick 4th. Are the Eskimos or Lions who pick 2nd and 3rd really looking to add an offensive lineman ?  You see it is quite possible that Mitchell could still be around when the Bombers select 4th.   The Bombers next pick is not until the 3rd round…17th overall and if they don’t select a receiver with their top 2 picks expect Mack to add a pass catcher with their 3rd round pick.

   Mack says his decision is already made and now we just have to wait til Sunday to see who’s name is called.



   Here’s my mock draft and predictions for the top 5 picks on Sunday…Of course this could change if the Stampeders trade up which has been rumoured because of their interest in hometown receiver Anthony Parker.


1. Winnipeg – LB Henoc Muamba

2. Edmonton – WR Nathan Coehorn

3. B.C. – WR Anthony Parker

4. Winnipeg – OL Scott Mitchell

5. Hamilton – WR Marco Iannuzzi

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